Welcome to Upsala Akademiska Ridklubb!

Upsala Academic Riding Club (Upsala Akademiska Ridklubb-UARK) is an association for students and employees at Uppsala University and SLU. Every year we organize a number of fun activities, from pub nights to competitions, clinics and more! Whether you like to ride or just enjoy being around horses and other horse-lovers, you are more than welcome. Keep an eye out here for information about upcoming events. If you would like to become a member or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at info@uark.se. Please note that we do not offer riding lessons! If you would like to start taking lessons, contact the riding school at ridskolan@uvfk.org

The tradition of student riding goes far back at Uppsala University, the riding department was founded 1663 and is one of the oldest in the world. At first the idea was to provide the sudents (in those days sons of nobility) the opportunity of practising certain excercises that were considered important, such as fencing, arts and of course riding. Today, over 350 years later, equestrian sport is more popular than ever.

Upcoming events



    It is perfect opportunity to see if horse riding is something for you, or if you want to dust off your helmet and get back into it! We welcome everyone! More info and application do you find here!

    At 13.15

    Cost 100kr + 35kr (membership)

  • Student riding lessons - See "STUDENTRIDLEKTIONER" to read more (also in english). We have riding lessons during the autumn 2023. 

  • Welcome to a pub night with UARK! 28/9
    Are you interested in what we do in UARK? Maybe you’ve participated in our activities and would like to get to know more horse-loving people?🐴 No matter the reason you are very welcome to have dinner and drinks with us at one of Uppsalas nations! 🍔🍟 If you would like to come, please press ‘Going’ at the event on Facebook (Upsala Akademiska Ridklubb)! That way we will have an idea of many we will be 🌟
    For this activity, you do not need to be a member of UARK, but you need a Nation card! You pay for your own food and drinks

  • Welcome to long reining 7/10

    This is where you apply for the long reining course with UARK on the 7th of October at 9.30 o'clock! Apply on this link. The course is taking place at Uppland- Västmanlands Fältrittklubbs (UVFK) riding arena. Adress: 752 65 Kvarnbo. For the course, we will borrow schoolhorses from UVFK.

  • Welcome to Hubertusmiddagen 25/11, 18dk                                                    Dinner at Gotlands Nation! More information and application do you find here!

This list will be updated with more activities when a date is set. Please, send us an email if you want to know more or if you have ideas or dreams about upcomming activities!


Contact us by email: info@uark.se

Social media

Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Club shop

You find our club shop at here!


Most of our activities on horseback takes place at Akademistallet where we borrow the wonderful school horses.


We look forward to a year full of horse activities and pleasant events and hope to meet both old and new members! You can become a member of UARK if you study or are employed, or previously studied or were employed, at Uppsala University or SLU-Ultuna.

Membership fee

The membership fee is 50kr and is paid to UARK's pg 57 72 42-1 or via swish to 1236040224. Membership is resolved via idrott.se where you fill in the form and then pay the fee via pg or swish.

A warm welcome to UARK! We look forward to meeting you.

Upset activities

In order to participate in all UARK's activities, including competitions and other organized activities, a membership in UVFK is required (this is to, among other things, be insured on riding occasions). The membership fee to UVFK is 450kr per calendar year and is paid to pg 36 21 58-8. Enter name, social security number, email address and state that you are a student/employee at UU/SLU-Ultuna.

Support Membership

If you want to support us, you can become a support member. The membership fee is SEK 50 and is paid to UARK's pg 57 72 42-1 or via swish to 1236040224. Enter your name and social security number and send an email to info@uark.se and write that you have paid in and we will receive your email address. Membership is valid per calendar year.